Chicken Colour Calculator

Chicken Colour Calculator

Are you curious about the different colors of chicken eggs and what factors determine their colors? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Chicken Colour Calculator is a tool that can help you predict the color of eggs your chickens will lay based on their breed and genetics. In this article, we will delve into how egg color is determined, the genetics behind it, and how you can use the Chicken Colour Calculator to forecast the hues of your flock’s eggs.

How is Egg Color Determined?

The color of a chicken’s eggshell is determined by genetics. The pigments responsible for the different colors are deposited as the egg travels through the oviduct. The most common egg colors are white, brown, blue, and green. The breed of the chicken plays a significant role in the color of the eggs it lays. For example, Ameraucanas are known for their blue eggs, while Rhode Island Reds typically lay brown eggs.

Chicken Colour Calculator

Genetics Behind Egg Color

The genetics behind egg color are complex and involve multiple genes. The two main pigments responsible for eggshell color are protoporphyrin (brown) and biliverdin (blue). The presence of these pigments in varying combinations results in the different colors we see in chicken eggs. Breeders can use genetic testing to determine the likelihood of a chicken laying eggs of a specific color.

Using the Chicken Colour Calculator

The Chicken Colour Calculator is a handy tool that takes into account the genetics of your chickens to predict the color of the eggs they will lay. By entering the breed and genetic information of your flock, the calculator can provide you with an estimate of the colors of the eggs they are likely to produce. This can be especially helpful for breeders who want to select for specific egg colors in their breeding program.

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Factors that Influence Egg Color

While genetics play a crucial role in determining egg color, other factors can also influence the hues of chicken eggs. Diet, age, and overall health of the chicken can impact the color of the shells. Chickens that are stressed or malnourished may lay lighter-colored eggs, while those that are healthy and well-fed are more likely to produce vibrant, richly colored eggs.

Benefits of Using the Chicken Colour Calculator

There are several benefits to using the Chicken Colour Calculator. It can help breeders plan their breeding programs more effectively by providing them with insight into the potential egg colors of their flock. Additionally, the calculator can be a fun and educational tool for backyard chicken enthusiasts who want to learn more about the genetics behind egg color.


Understanding the genetics behind egg color and how to predict the colors of chicken eggs can be a fascinating endeavor for poultry enthusiasts. The Chicken Colour Calculator offers a simplified way to delve into the world of genetics and eggshell colors. By using this tool, breeders and backyard chicken keepers alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and beauty of chicken eggs.