Swg Expertise Calculator

What is an SWG Expertise Calculator?

An SWG Expertise Calculator is a tool that allows players of the popular MMORPG game Star Wars Galaxies to plan and optimize their character’s skill progression. By inputting various parameters such as current level, desired skills, and playstyle preferences, players can use the calculator to determine the most efficient path to developing their character.

How Does an SWG Expertise Calculator Work?

The SWG Expertise Calculator takes into account the unique skill trees and abilities available in the game, as well as the prerequisites and synergies between different skills. By selecting specific skills and allocating points accordingly, players can see how their choices will impact their character’s overall effectiveness in combat, crafting, and other gameplay activities.

Swg Expertise Calculator

Players can experiment with different builds and see how they compare in terms of damage output, survivability, resource management, and other factors. This allows them to make informed decisions about which skills to prioritize and how to best progress their character in the game.

Benefits of Using an SWG Expertise Calculator

There are several benefits to using an SWG Expertise Calculator when planning your character’s development in Star Wars Galaxies. Some of these benefits include:

1. Efficiency

By using a calculator to plan your character’s skills, you can ensure that you are making the most efficient use of your skill points. This can help you avoid wasting points on skills that are not useful for your playstyle or goals, allowing you to maximize your character’s effectiveness in the game.

2. Customization

The SWG Expertise Calculator allows you to customize your character’s build to suit your personal preferences and gameplay style. Whether you prefer to focus on combat, crafting, or support roles, the calculator can help you tailor your character to excel in your chosen area.

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3. Optimization

By experimenting with different skill combinations and point allocations, you can optimize your character’s performance in various aspects of the game. Whether you want to maximize your damage output in combat, increase your crafting efficiency, or enhance your healing abilities, the calculator can help you fine-tune your character for optimal results.

How to Use an SWG Expertise Calculator

Using an SWG Expertise Calculator is easy and straightforward. Simply input your character’s current level, select the skills you want to focus on, and allocate points to customize your build. The calculator will then show you the effects of your choices on your character’s stats and abilities, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Experiment with different builds, try out various skill combinations, and see how your character’s performance changes with each adjustment. By using the calculator to plan your character’s progression, you can ensure that you are making the most informed decisions about how to develop your character in the game.


Overall, an SWG Expertise Calculator is a valuable tool for players of Star Wars Galaxies who want to optimize their character’s skills and abilities. By using the calculator to plan your character’s development, you can ensure that you are making the most efficient and effective choices for your gameplay style and goals. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player, an SWG Expertise Calculator can help you take your character to the next level in Star Wars Galaxies.