Tuna Weight Calculator


Are you planning to go fishing for tuna and want to estimate the weight of your catch? Knowing the weight of your tuna can help you determine the size of your trophy catch and guide you in following fishing regulations. Use our Tuna Weight Calculator to easily determine the weight of your tuna based on its length and girth. Read on to learn more about how to accurately measure your tuna and calculate its weight.

How to Measure Tuna

Measuring a tuna accurately is crucial in determining its weight. To measure your tuna, you will need a measuring tape and a way to secure the fish in place. If possible, lay the tuna flat on a measuring board or surface. Start by measuring the length of the tuna from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Next, measure the girth of the tuna around the widest part of its body. Record these measurements in inches for use in the Tuna Weight Calculator.

Tuna Weight Calculator

Tuna Weight Calculator

Now that you have measured the length and girth of your tuna, you can use our Tuna Weight Calculator to estimate its weight. Enter the length and girth of the tuna in the calculator below and click on the “Calculate” button to get the approximate weight of your catch.

Understanding Tuna Weight Estimation

It’s important to note that the weight calculated using the Tuna Weight Calculator is an estimation based on the length and girth of the fish. Factors such as the species of tuna, its condition, and other physical characteristics can affect its actual weight. The calculator provides a close approximation of the weight, but actual weights may vary.

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Using the Tuna Weight Calculator

When using the Tuna Weight Calculator, ensure that you input the correct measurements in inches to get an accurate weight estimation. The calculator uses a formula that takes into account the length and girth of the tuna to calculate its weight. Remember that this is just an estimation and not a precise measurement of the tuna’s weight.


Estimating the weight of your tuna catch is a fun and useful activity for any fishing enthusiast. With the help of our Tuna Weight Calculator, you can quickly determine the weight of your tuna based on its length and girth. Remember to measure your tuna accurately and use the calculator as a guide for estimating its weight. Enjoy your fishing adventure and happy tuna weighing!