Innerlynx Calculator

What is an Innerlynx Calculator?

An Innerlynx Calculator is a tool used in construction projects to determine the appropriate size and type of innerlynx required for a particular pipe penetration. Innerlynx are mechanical seals used to prevent the passage of water, dust, or gases through the annular space between a pipe and the penetration.

Why Use an Innerlynx Calculator?

Using an Innerlynx Calculator ensures that the correct size and type of innerlynx is selected for the pipe penetration, resulting in a watertight and airtight seal. This helps to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the building envelope.

How to Use an Innerlynx Calculator

Innerlynx Calculator

To use an Innerlynx Calculator, input the size of the pipe, the type of penetration (e.g., concrete wall, metal wall, or roof), and any other relevant details. The calculator will then provide recommendations for the size and type of innerlynx needed for the specific application.

Types of Innerlynx

There are various types of Innerlynx available, including EPDM Innerlynx for general-purpose applications, Silicone Innerlynx for high-temperature applications, and Neoprene Innerlynx for oil and chemical resistance. The Innerlynx Calculator takes into account the specific requirements of the project to recommend the most suitable type of innerlynx.

Benefits of Using an Innerlynx Calculator

Using an Innerlynx Calculator streamlines the selection process, saves time and money, and ensures a proper seal at pipe penetrations. By accurately determining the size and type of innerlynx required, construction projects can avoid costly rework and ensure long-lasting performance.

Factors to Consider When Using an Innerlynx Calculator

When using an Innerlynx Calculator, it is important to consider factors such as the size and material of the pipe, the type of penetration, and the environmental conditions. By inputting accurate information into the calculator, the most appropriate innerlynx can be selected for each unique application.

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Overall, an Innerlynx Calculator is a valuable tool for construction projects that require watertight and airtight seals at pipe penetrations. By using this tool, contractors can ensure the proper selection of innerlynx, leading to a successful and durable building envelope.