Islamic Iddat Calculator

What is Islamic Iddat Calculator?

Islamic Iddat Calculator is a tool used by Muslims to calculate the duration of the Iddat period, which is a waiting period that a woman must observe after the death of her husband or after a divorce. During this period, the woman is not allowed to remarry or interact with non-mahram men.

Islamic Iddat Calculator

Understanding Iddat in Islam

In Islam, Iddat is a mandatory waiting period for women after the death of their husband or after a divorce. The purpose of Iddat is to ensure that any possibility of pregnancy from the previous marriage is resolved before the woman can enter into a new marriage. During this period, the woman is required to stay in her home and refrain from any social activities.

Islamic Iddat Calculator

How to Calculate Iddat Period

Islamic Iddat Calculator helps in determining the exact duration of the Iddat period based on the specific circumstances of the woman. The length of the Iddat period varies depending on whether the woman is widowed or divorced, and whether she is pregnant or not.

For a widow, the Iddat period is four lunar months and ten days. If the woman is pregnant at the time of her husband’s death, the Iddat period extends until the birth of the child. In the case of divorce, the Iddat period is three menstrual cycles or three lunar months, whichever is longer.

Importance of Observing Iddat

Observing Iddat is not just a religious obligation but also a time for the woman to grieve the loss of her husband or the end of her marriage. It allows her to reflect on her past relationship and prepare herself emotionally and spiritually for the future.

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By observing Iddat, the woman also ensures that any legal or financial matters related to her previous marriage are resolved before she enters into a new relationship. It helps in preventing any misunderstandings or disputes that may arise in the future.

Using Islamic Iddat Calculator

To use the Islamic Iddat Calculator, simply input the required information such as the date of the husband’s death or the date of divorce, and the tool will calculate the exact duration of the Iddat period for you. This makes it easier for women to comply with the rules and regulations of Islam regarding the Iddat period.

It is important to note that Iddat is a personal and private matter between the woman and her Creator, and it should be observed with sincerity and devotion. The Islamic Iddat Calculator is a helpful tool that allows women to calculate the Iddat period accurately and with ease.


Islamic Iddat Calculator is a valuable tool for Muslim women to calculate the duration of the Iddat period with precision and accuracy. By observing the Iddat period, women can fulfill their religious obligations and prepare themselves for a new chapter in their lives with peace and certainty.